To all of the 2018 Parkinson Half Marathon and 5K event participants, volunteers and sponsors – “THANK YOU” on behalf of our family committee for making this event once again a huge success on such a cold day.  We had over 1,200 people attending the event and as a result we will be sending ~$55,000 to the APDA – WI Chapter.
 The Parkinson’s Half Marathon and 5K event funding supports the APDA – WI Chapter, but the event means so much more.  The event is built on a foundation of family and friends love and fellowship, all coming together to make a difference.
There are so many examples of inspiration and love that make this event so rewarding.  Each year the event has shown this time and time again.  Every family and friend hour is volunteered, each coming with love and fellowship.
We are humbled, blessed, honored and grateful with your involvement in the event in your own way.  From all the families and friends who live with the disease on a daily basis, we say “THANK YOU” with all our hearts!
We look forward to 2019 and all our best to you and your loved ones!
Kindest Regards,
 Alyssa Greiber                       
Bonnie Coy                           
 Brooke Coy                           
Christina and Nate Nasett                        
 Debbie and Tom Coy

Debbie and Bob Nasett

Joel and Amanda Clark                         

 Julie and Jerry Walther
 Stacy and Ryan Hastings                      
 Stephanie and Brian Sauer                         
Sue and Mark Harvey

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